Six Tips When Buying Film Posters

You get a certain sense of nostalgia when you see a film poster displayed on your wall. It could be your favourite film, a favourite actor or just that you like the art work. As a collector and dealer of film posters for twelve years I thought I would share with you some simple tips on what to look out for when purchasing film posters.
1. Do your homework. Be thorough in what you are buying. Ask the seller questions until you are entirely happy. This is a really important point. You will be spending your hard earned money. Questions to ask yourself and the seller could be – Where did the poster come from? What are the defects on the poster? What size is the poster?

2. Don’t buy a reproduction! Ok this isn’t strictly true  if you want a film poster of the classics, think Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Bogart & Universal Horror then realise that you will have to shell out four, five and even 6 figures for the originals. You can pick up reproduction prints quite easily, don’t spend anything more than £20 on the prints though! And please don’t attempt to pass them on as originals.

3. Speak to an expert – If you see a poster that’s for sale at what seems a very low price then it may not be what it seems, ask for help. There are some people out there that pass off copies as an original. These can be spotted by an expert eye. You can ask a dealer for advice. Most of us are willing to help you out.

4. To buy or not to buy linen backed posters – This is entirely down to your own preference. Some people won’t collect linen backed posters and some do. I have some in my collection as the titles I collect are hard to find in unrestored excellent condition. You may not find an unrestored poster (especially if it is very old) for years so this is your decision. As for value, in my opinion a linen backed poster would fetch less than an untouched original providing that hasn’t got too much damage.

5. Do not collect for investment – If you see a poster advertised as investment quality please understand that the market for posters can fluctuate like any other. Buy for enjoyment, there is nothing better than having an original film poster displayed on your walls.

6. Enjoy the experience – Trying to find that elusive poster should be fun. The hunt and negotiation in price are what makes this industry so exciting. I discovered a poster a few months ago which I had been trying to find for many years, be patient and they will show up.

I hope you enjoyed these six simple tips on buying film posters.

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