Gone With the Wind Posters and Facts.

With a huge following Gone With the Wind is still the epic of all epic films. At TMM HQ we decided to share these interesting facts about the movie and showcase some of our rare Gone With the Wind posters.

The film Gone with the Wind is a worldwide phenomenon and with a tagline of ‘The Most Magnificent Film Ever’ it had huge expectations on its release. Frankly it didn’t disappoint, with huge crowds flocking to cinemas all over America and the world to see this epic masterpiece. The origin of the film came from Margaret Mitchell, who was born in 1900. In 1926 she broke her ankle and it was during this time she started penning the novel. It’s been rumoured that Mitchell had no intention of publishing the novel and wrote the book out of boredom. In 1936 the novel was published and won the most distinguished novel of that year by the National Book Awards. Following on from that success the novelist was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1937.

One month after the book was published and after being convinced by Hay Whitney, David Selznick of Selznick International bought the rights for $50,000. Production was difficult for Selznick, mainly due to his determination on casting Clarke Gable as Rhett Butler and a huge nationwide search began for the actress to play the part of spoilt socialite Scarlett O’Hara. These included such esteemed stars like Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Tallulah Bankhead and Joan Crawford. After finding Lana Turner completely inadequate for the part Selznick settled on a final four of Paulette Goddard, Jean Arthur, Joan Bennett and a talented up and coming British actress called Vivien Leigh who was virtually unknown to US audiences. Selznick finally announced that Leigh was to play the part in February 1939.

Filming took 140 days in which Leigh was on set for 125 of them. The film ran for nearly four hours in which Leigh was on screen for 2 hours and 23 minutes. It was rumoured that to combat the stress she smoked four packets of cigarettes a day. Despite having the highest profile role in the movie Leigh was fourth billing on the original poster behind Gable, Leslie Howard and Olivia De Havilland, this was quickly rectified after she won the Best Actress Oscar and was promoted to second billing.

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