Original Film Posters UK – Dirty Dancing

Our 3rd Instalment to the Original Film Posters UK series is Dirty Dancing.


Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Jerry Orbach, Cynthia Rhodes.

Set in the summer of 1963 at a holiday resort where Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman (Jennifer Grey) is vacationing with her parents and sister. Here she meets Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and is instantly attracted to him.

Baby learns that Johnny’s dance partner Penny is pregnant by Robbie, a waiter and womaniser at the resort. Baby helps Penny with the abortion by borrowing money from her dad. Whilst Penny is recuperating from her operation Baby starts learning to dance with Johnny. This leads to a climatic finale where both of them finally get to dance the dance they have been practising all summer.

The film is based on screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein’s own childhood summers growing up spending time entering dirty dancing competitions. She was in fact nicknamed ‘Baby’ as a child.

Dirty Dancing is a wonderful film and was one of the highest grossing films of 1987 bringing in over $170,000,000 dollars. In a recent survey it was voted number one in the category of ‘women’s most watched films. To this day is still hugely popular with audiences young and old alike.


The Movie Poster:

Dirty Dancing Film Poster

An unusually scarce poster to own which is strange due to the popularity of the film. This is only the second poster of this film we have had in. Two lovely images of both the stars including the famous lake scene where Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey are practising the lift. 

This poster measures 30″ x 40″ (standard British Quad size) is in excellent folded condition. It was common practice to fold movie posters back in the day. It is available to purchase on the website. If you are a fan of the film or know someone who is this would make the ideal present for them (or you).


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