Parasite UK Quad Poster (La Boca design) A Must Have Poster!

Parasite La Boca design poster

The film Parasite by Bong Joon Ho is currently earning rave reviews from critics and fans alike, and whilst I can’t give a review of the movie just yet (I am planning to see the film this weekend) we would just like to make everyone aware of the wonderful alternative UK Quad Poster for the film.

The Mainstream UK Quad


Pictured below is the mainstream UK Quad. It’s still a solid poster but it doesn’t compare to the London based company La Boca’s alternative design. They were responsible for the wonderful alternative Black Swan film posters a decade ago.

The Mainstream UK Quad for Parasite.

The La Boca design UK Quad


I’ve heard that La Boca is undecided whether to release this design. They should, as the colours and design would make this a sought after poster.

I think this could be a very valuable poster in the future, especially if it doesn’t get released. For example, a copy sold on Ebay last week for £123 which was a fantastic buy.

There are a number of art house cinemas in London which are displaying the La Boca quad and these cinemas were told, presumably by La Boca, Curzon Artificial Eye and StudioCanal, that they can only display this poster alongside the mainstream quad.

La Boca design for Parasite

 In conclusion, I would recommend buying this if La Boca release it. In the last thirty years, it’s one of the best posters to be released in the United Kingdom. Other posters I’d consider in that group would be Under the Skin (2013) and Rocketeer (1991).

Finally, If I hear anything else about La Boca and a possible release date  I’ll update the post straight away.

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