Fake Godzilla Festival Poster – The Story behind it.

Godzilla film poster

The hobby of Movie Poster collecting can be a minefield sometimes. The recent fake Godzilla Festival poster is one such story that collectors should be aware about.

The Story:


Firstly, the back story. In 2016 this poster surfaced. Godzilla aficionados saw this poster and were curious. Was this a real rare Godzilla British Quad poster? The warning signs were there as the seller had sold fake posters alongside his legit stock.

As a result, Ebay became the main venue for selling these.  Mostly purchased by American buyers who have a strong affection for anything Godzilla. I suspect the buyers are none the wiser about it being a fake poster.

The Detective Work:


So how was this proven to be a fake Godzilla festival poster? One of the leading experts of British Film Posters is Sim Branaghan and he went about and did some detective work on the poster. Here are his findings.

“The idea of Miracle Films launching a Godzilla Film Festival in 1982 is ridiculous The UK doesn’t have dedicated film festivals over here. Especially for the Godzilla movies which would have limited audiences.

For Instance,  King Kong versus Godzilla was owned by Rank whilst Megalon was never picked up for distribution. Therefore, Miracle Films, who were practically defunct in 1982, wouldn’t have been able to pick up the rights for these films.”

In the 1980’s UK Cinemas were struggling and to dedicate an entire week to Godzilla films would have sounded the death knell!

Most certainly aimed at the American market as they’d be less informed of the UK’s distribution process.

Sim also mentioned “The poster is clearly photo-shopped.War of the Monsters and Monsters from an Unknown Planet text are from the original British posters. The same can be said for the “Miracle Films Presents” and “Colour A Toho Release International Production text”.

Also, he added “Godzilla’s name is from the War of the Monsters UK poster and the “King Kong versus Godzilla and Megalon text are taken from the American one sheet posters.”

To summarise, the poster is a fake. If you like the poster and decide to buy one please understand this. Finally, do not pass this on as an original poster as it isn’t.

Special thanks to Sim Branaghan for sharing his knowledge with myself and the world of poster collecting.

His Latest Work:

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