Chesty Morgan Promotional Calendar (1975)

Chesty Morgan calendar

This week’s showcase highlight is the promotional calendar for the Chesty Morgan film Deadly Weapons.

Chesty Morgan was born in Poland in 1937 as Liliana Wilczkowski and has a cult following due to the two  movies she starred in, Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73. Both films were released in 1974 and directed by Doris Wishman.

The actual release date of Deadly Weapons for the UK was the 10th October 1974. It would initially have had a 2-3 week run on the main cinema circuit and then moved onto the independent cinemas. However, depending on the popularity of the film at the cinema, this would have had the run extended.

This particular Chesty Morgan promotional calendar is showing the year 1975, This is evidence that the film had a certain popularity and was extended further into the year.

Chesty has suffered terribly bad luck during her life, both her second husband and first daughter had tragic automobile accidents.

The measurements of this particular piece are 16.5″ x 23″. The condition is very fine.  It was once folded very lightly but has been led flat for a very long time and the fold is hardly noticeable at all now. The calendar has a few small areas of creasing, these are only in the top left and right corners.

This is an incredible display item and an ultra rare survivor from 1975. It is currently for sale on the website. You can find this Chesty Morgan poster by following this link. Chesty Morgan Poster


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