Disturbing Behaviour, Original DS Movie Poster, Katie Holmes, James Marsden, '98

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Film Description: Disturbing Behaviour (1998) Sci-Fi Horror directed by David Nutter and starring Katie Holmes, James Marsden and Nick Stahl.

Added Info:  Cool image of Katie Holmes.

Overall Condition: Fine ,measures approx 27" x 41"

Shipping: Rolled

Poster Gradings: I have provided a supersize picture for closer examination of the poster,and have added a simplified grading system.

Excellent: A great poster in near perfect condition
Fine: A great poster with the tiniest of defects
Very Good: This poster has survived in pretty nice condition,it may have tiny defects within the image which arent distracting or defects on the blank borders which wont show when displayed
Good: This poster may have some imperfections,like small tears or 'clean'tears or tape bleeds and light staining
Fair: This poster has significant imperfections which will be largely noticeable and distracting but its possible a talented restorer could rectify these faults
Lesser: A poster greatly in need of restoration will have very significant paper loss or heavy staining.